Apr 23, 2017

Studio Location: imotion fitness operates out of the lower level of the BDC Place at 119 Kent Street and operates in partnership with Atlantic Fitness Centre Downtown.

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Reformer for Osteoporosis on Wednesdays at 11am!

We are excited to move to the next phase of specialized training for those dealing with Osteoporosis or Osteopenia diagnoses, or even those dealing with chronic back issues.  This class is for all levels and stages of participants who want to learn how to improve their posture, balance and core strength and start to increase strength into the arms and legs.

STOTT PILATES programming follows the National Osteoporosis Foundation which states, “It is important to maintain flexibility and range of motion in both flexion and rotation. For safety, these exercises should be performed with the spine unloaded and with attention to slow easy quality of movements”.  In order to stimulate bone growth, the bone must be dynamically loaded, several times per week in various planes of motion in a safe and controlled manner. The range of motion and movements are going to be different for every individual depending on the results of the specific diagnostic test and the area of the spine that is affected.  This gentle class will provide participants with safe and effective exercises in a supervised environment with only four participants per class.

 Wednesdays 11:00am - 11:50am for FOUR WEEKS only.  May 3, 10, 17, and 24. 

Cost is $80.00 + hst = $92.00. REGISTRATION REQUIRED.  Please call the AFC Downtown at 902-368-3622 or visit 119 Kent Street to register.