Studio Location: imotion fitness operates out of the lower level of the BDC Place at 119 Kent Street and operates in partnership with Atlantic Fitness Centre Downtown.

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Introduction to Pilates/Group TRX Classes for Summer!

We are pleased to offer Introduction to Pilates and TRX Combo class this summer on Tuesdays at 4:45pm!  Kathleen will be introducing the benefits of working with the TRX strap combined with the priniciples of pilates!  The total functionality, flexibility and core conditioning that clients can improve and increase by practising both pilates matwork and TRX conditioning make them a perfect training combination.  No experience necessary!


The STOTT Pilates principles of breathing, netural spine, cervical alignment, rib cage stability and scapular stability contribute to healthier and more functional movement. Whether you want to rehabilitate an injury, increase core strength, or improve your overall health, we know the practise of pilates can help get you there!