Dec 6, 2019

Studio Location: imotion fitness operates out of the lower level of the BDC Place at 119 Kent Street and operates in partnership with Atlantic Fitness Centre Downtown.

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EARLY MORNING TRX 6:15am Wednesdays in January!

We will continue our early morning Group TRX strength and cardio class on WEDNESDAYS at 6:15am for the January 3 - February 29 session!

Get that mid-week workout in early with us!
Group TRX is THE best overall strength and cardio conditioning combination you can ask for!  We'll add weights, BOSUs and body bars at different times to spice things up. 
Join Stephanie K for an upbeat, music-driven workout that will get your day started on the right foot...Only 45 minutes to being strong, mean and lean!
All are welcome!  But if you know you're coming, please message us on facebook and we'll put a strap up for you!