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WELCOME to “Imotion fitness CONNECT”…

…our private online workout platform!

Work out with us LIVE (on Facebook – imotion fitness CONNECT private group) or On Demand (by logging into your account at, anytime, almost anywhere (well, maybe not on an airplane…), when it suits your life, when it suits your schedule, when it suits your mood, and choose how hard you want to work with lots of choices and modifications for all levels…we offer VARIETY in our workouts because we believe it’s important to challenge and strengthen your body in many ways…Ways that are integral parts of healthy aging!  And BTW, healthy aging can start at ANY AGE!

Your monthly membership gives you SIX NEW VIRTUAL classes a week, all between 20 and 45 minutes…See the workout descriptions below!  Classes are either LIVE via our private Facebook group OR posted at the time you see below…


Well, we offer Pilates mat workouts for newbies to the experienced, Total body fitness (with or without weights), Tabata training, a monthly BONUS yoga workout and more…from the comfort of your own home!  You don’t need much…maybe a mat or towel, some light weights, and a bit of space to move!

Also included in your monthly membership is our amaxing WORKOUT LIBRARY which consists of technique videos, how-to workouts, 10-minute target training for specific areas, and a complete Introduction to Pilates Principles and  the exercises.

Monthly subscriptions available at and you can also TRY IT FREE FOR SEVEN DAYS!

Simply create an account, enter payment information, and log in any time you want to do a workout and browse the hundreds of choices in our library to find the type of workout you feel like doing that day!

Cancel anytime!

Our Yogi-Karina will also offer an ON DEMAND BONUS YOGA on the first Tuesday of each month, for those days you just feel like turning inward and stretching it out.

PLUS BONUS workouts including 10-minute target training, technique, proper form and TRX videos throughout the month will also be available!

VIRTUAL “INTRO TO PILATES MAT” ON-DEMAND is also available!! Connect with Stephanie for more information!

Wait….there’s more…Are you a BEGINNER?!? Like, really a beginner and not sure where to start? 

Get this….WE HAVE A BEGINNER BASICS ON-LINE PROGRAM consisting of 15-minute simple, easy-to-follow, with all sorts of options for every level, workouts which will include a bit of strength training, a bit of low-impact movement, a bit of core training and a bit of stretching! You can also do these basic workouts any time it suits your schedule! Our whole beginner basics library consists of over 20 workouts so you’ll never get bored!



Can you find 15, or 30 or 45-minutes in ONE WEEK just to improve your overall health?  And did I mention we’ll have fun doing it!  This is a special group, so if you want to know more, contact Stephanie at