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We value movement. The human body was meant to be in motion. We are supposed to move. At Imotion, we practice mindful movement, and we help our clients become more aware of how their body moves in space.


We value the full scope of fitness: strength, endurance, flexibility. It’s all of these things combined that make you healthy. We incorporate all aspects of fitness into our classes, adding variety and excitement to every workout. No two classes are ever the same.


We value our mental, physical, and spiritual health. We know that it is important to exercise and to rest. To get proper nutrition and hydration. To get sunshine and fresh air. We strive for wellness in all aspects of life.


We value progress over perfection. Fitness is a journey. Exercise is a progressive practice. You can literally start by just moving your neck and grow from there. The goal is progression, not perfection.

Our mental health is just as important as our physical health, and a cause close to Stephanie’s heart is the PEI Mental Health Association – Consider donating at